Product Detail
Code: B2027
Material: ABS

Carp fishing swingers set with RGB LED color control

Quantity: 4pcs in Zipped protection case

This is a LED fishing swinger that designed with a RGB LED, which you can set the LED color to be Red Yellow Blue Green by the button, and another button provide a setting to the LED light brightness.

To set the LED color, it require the power from a fishing alarm which has the signal memory function, because it require uninterrupted power for a few second to set it.


- Color changeable LED which you can set the color to be RED, YELLOW, BLUE, GREEN

- Brightness control button

- Clip made by magnet ball which could hold the fishing line

- Removable seat

- 2.5mm plug fit all fishing bite alarms

- Adjustable tension

- 4Pcs in Zipped protection case

How to set the LED color:

1, Get a fishing alarm which has a signal memory function(usually it means the bite alarm will keep flashing for few seconds when its rolling wheel been activated), and it has a jack for swinger.

2, Turn on the fishing alarm and Connect the plug to it.

3, Activate the fishing alarm and make it beeps

4, Select the LED color by the left button on fishing swinger.

5, The right button on the fishing swinger for brightness control