Product Detail

This is a new fishing bite alarm, each fishing alarm has a changeable LED band which allows you to change the LED light color by clicking the function button for 5 seconds, so that you can have four blue fishing alarms, or red, green... the receiver will change the Light color automatically in the mean while.

Alarm Details

- Lightweight, strong Robust alarms with fantastic fittings
- Automatically pair with the receiver
- Each Alarm has different colour LED's which correspond with the receiver.
- 8 LED light can be adjusted e ach alarm   to 7 colors ( Red, Green, Yellow,   Blue, purple, white, light green)
- Fitted with a 20 second latch light. so you can see exactly what alarm is activated if you miss the initial run.
- All Alarms are fitted with a 2.5mm Jack socket
- Push button controls for   for Tone, Volume and Sensitivity.
- Alarms run on 1 x 9V batteries(not include).
- Night light version.
- Fitted with Industry standard threads
- Waterproof and Wireless with an operating range of over 150 metres
Receiver Details
- Fantastic compact receiver
- Red, Green, Yellow. Blue, purple,white, light green LED's. These match the LED colours of the alarms
- Waterproof and Wireless with an operating range of over 150 metres
- Vibration Alert
- Volume and Tone Control
- 20 Second Latch Light. ( Light stays on receiver 20 seconds after any activity )
- Receiver requires 3 x AAA batteries(not include).