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Wireless Fishing Bite Alarm Set S3

- Model S3-3 (1+3 set) - Model S3-4 (1+4 set) (Please click the new link above to get shipment from Belgium)


(The size is measured manually, there may be errors.)

Remote Control Function

Push button on the receiver to control the fishing alarm, to set their Volume, Tone, Sensitivity, Night light, and Anti-theft function.


The fishing alarm require 1 piece 9V battery, and receiver require 3 piece AAA batteries. (Not include)



Description - Model S3-3 and S3-4 - Waterproof for the rain - Fishing line's drop and back with Red and Green LED light - Volume, Tone, Sensitivity Control - Anti-theft warning when you pick up the fishing rod - Night light (can be turned on/off) - Remote control receiver - Volume, Tone, Vibration control on receiver. - High output speaker and LED light alarming - Fishing Alarm Require 1 piece 9V battery, The receiver Require 3 piece AAA batteries. - Signal memory LED for 20 seconds - The bite alarm and receiver can be linked if they does not match each other - Over 150 meters wireless transmission range - Extra jack for illuminated swinger - Package in Zipped protection PU case